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Abhay Sahoo Released!

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Dear friends,

It comes as a matter of cheer that our leader Abhay Sahoo, against whom false charge of giving protection to an accused in an alleged dowry death in Dhinkia Panchayat was clamped, has been granted bail by the Honourable High Court of Odisha, and has been released from Choudwar jail at 5 pm on 14th April 2012 as per the direction of the lower court. False charges under SC/ST atrocities Act was also clamped against him by the local administration. In both the cases he has been granted bail.

After release, Abhay Sahoo thanked all friends and well wishers who have stood for our cause of fighting against POSCO. It’s a victory of the people in struggle. We expect Judiciary to stand up to the cause and defend fundamental rights of citizen.

With the release of our leader, our resolve to fight against the company and…

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[Posters] Illegally Detained, Falsely Charged, Political Prisoners of Conscience in India







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[Newzfirst] Anti-POSCO activist shot and arrested in Odisha (Umakant Biswal)

DHINKIA – Umakant Biswal a young anti POSCO activist and a farmer from Dhinkia was shot and arrested yesterday when he was working on the farm near the village. Police came on motor cycle in civil dress to arrest him, after recognizing them Umakant tried to run away but was shot in leg and later arrested.

According to the villagers he was tortured in custody after being arrested as well. He was taken to Police Station in Paradip.

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Release Abhay Sahoo: Free India By K. P. Sasi

Abhay Sahoo

[…] While such news hit the newspapers, nobody questions where such money is coming from. It is certainly a loot of our own rights of our environment. But what doesn’t hit the headlines of the sensational media is news about another section people: Hundreds of people who are languishing in Indian Jails for the simple crime of continuing to fight for our freedom. Abhay Sahoo, the leader of anti-POSCO struggle in Orissa is one such person.

Abhay Sahoo is a warm person, simple but determined. He is in prison today with 50 fabricated false cases, four of which cannot be bailed. But he is not alone. There are over 200 fabricated false cases on over 800 activists of the anti-POSCO movement, whose freedom is restricted without being jailed. But they were attacked by the police and the goons of the company for defending their lands. Having faced bullets and bombs in this non-violent struggle for India’s freedom, our Gandhis and Ambedkars are not in position to join them for their rescue. Because our political ancestors only remain as statues, roads or postal stamps for modern India. Hence, even their followers cannot defend the new freedom struggle represented by the anti –POSCO struggle. The only crime of the villagers who defended the multinational giant called POSCO is that these committed and brave men, women and children fought for the freedom of their lands – A freedom that you and I wish to enjoy without remembering the sacrifices of our political ancestors. […]

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[Amnesty International] More Peaceful Protesters in World’s Largest Democracy’s Jails

[…] Not far away, along Orissa’s coast, two more non-violent activists have been jailed on false charges for their opposition to the POSCO steel company’s $12b plant. Narayan Reddy and Abhay Sahoo have led protests against the forcible eviction of farmers from common lands. Take action now and demand they be freed. […]

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