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[TwoCircles.Net] Indian prisoners in Colombo feel betrayed by Delhi

Amid allegations of Indian indifference towards Sri Lankan Tamils, Indian prisoners serving long sentences in Colombo’s main prison say they feel badly let down by Indian authorities.

A spokesperson for the 30 Indian men and three women in the Wellikade Jail said that despite the existence of a bilateral pact, New Delhi was making no efforts to take them back so that they could serve their sentences in Indian jails.

Most Indians in Sri Lankan jails are either from Kerala or Tamil Nadu. They were arrested for a variety of criminal offences.

“We know that all our papers have gone from Colombo to Delhi,” said the prisoner, speaking to IANS on a borrowed telephone. “It has been months now. Our medical tests for repatriation took place four months ago. […]

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(Latest Media Coverage Round-Up) Human Rights Watch Letter and International Women’s Day Re: Soni Sori

On Human Rights Watch Letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

From The Hindu: Soni Sori case: HRW wants PM to order impartial probe on torture

HRW Executive Director of Women’s Rights Division Liesl Gerntholtz, in a letter to Dr. Singh, said the Soni Sori case raised serious questions about the commitment of the Indian government to prevent torture, investigate the torture allegations, hold accountable those responsible for the torture, and ensure that detainees and prisoners have adequate access to health care.

Besides being subjected to sexual assaults at the hands of the Chhattisgarh police, the woman was also given electric shocks in the name of interrogation, the letter said quoting various reports.

From Salem-News: INDIA: Soni Sori’s Case Reflects Broader Problems

In this letter, William Gomes urges Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honorable Prime Minister of India in New Delhi, to independently investigate the conduct of Chhattisgarh law enforcement officials in the Soni Sori case, ensure that she receives health care, and also review the condition of women detainees and prisoners, to determine whether other women may have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment.

This, as India prepares to present its human rights record as part of the second Universal Periodic Review before the United Nations Human Rights Council.


On International Women’s Day Show of Solidarity to Soni Sori

From Activists reads Soni Sori lettre to mark International Women’s Day

Participants in this video project joined hands to draw attention to Sori’s case by reading from Sori’s letters on camera, supplementing the video with additional materials including photographs, news footage and Sori’s medical reports. As Sori said in one of her letters, she is only one of dozens of women in her prison who say they have suffered torture and sexual assault in police custody.

Sori’s lawyers have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of India to transfer Sori to Delhi or another state where she would not be under the control of the Chhattisgarh police. Despite the severity of the torture, the hearing on the final decision on her appeal has been repeatedly delayed. Today marks the completion of five months since Sori was tortured.


From UnBoxed Writers: Letters from Prison on International Women’s Day


FeministIndia writes about Soni Sori

The Soni Sori Case: A Travesty of Justice

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[2-Circles Net] Gujarat Police beat up lawyer Bilal Kagzi, detain him for 5 hours

Bilal Kagzi (photo via Two-Circles Net)

In yet another case of police highhandedness, lawyer and Human Rights activist Bilal Kagzi, along with his clients, were severely beaten up in village Kosamba, Surat District of Gujarat. He was beaten up by police officials of the Kosamba Police Station within the premises of the station. They were kept in lock-up for 5 hours and released around 3 PM. Kagzi fears of further attack on him.

Read the full story here.

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