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[Tehelka] Student, Activist, Naxalite? Framed!

The story of Vittala is uncannily similar to Lingaram Kodopi. On 10 September 2011, Kodopi, a tribal journalist from Chhattisgarh, was arrested and falsely accused of being a Maoist. Vittala’s story is no different. The 22-year-old tribal, a first-year student of Mass Communication and Journalism from Mangalore University and his father were arrested from their house by the elite anti-Naxal force (ANF) of the Karnataka Police on charges of aiding Maoists.


Vittala and his father have been booked under Sections 10 and 13 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and under Sections 34 and 121 of the Indian Penal Code. During the search of the house, the police claims to have found handbills, paper cuttings on Naxal issues, binoculars and other related materials.

“The binoculars recovered from him were purchased four years ago during the Laksha Deepotsava festival in Dharmasthala,” says Vittala’s friends. “The handbills were of DYFI programmes and other than that, the police recovered 250 gm of tea and sugar from his house.” […]

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[Tehelka] Why is This Woman Still in Jail?

Finally! A mainstream news publication gives us information on Soni Sori’s case and its continuous postponement. Why, indeed, is she still in jail? Why has there not been a court hearing, a trial? Why has there been no justice? Not even a performance of justice?

Six months on, a PIL filed on her behalf is yet to be heard in the Supreme Court. Last October, an independent medical examination ordered by the apex court discovered stones from Sori’s vagina and rectum (Shockingly, Soni Sori has been sexually tortured with stones. Who will answer for this? by Tusha Mittal, 24 December 2011). This report was discussed in the court on 2 December. Shockingly, the court allowed the Chhattisgarh government more than a month to respond. The next hearing was scheduled for 25 January. Sori’s case was listed as item 14. But it never came up.
Since then, Sori’s case has been listed for hearing thrice a week in the court of Justice Altamas Kabir.

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[Tehelka] Idol Worship Sparks Buddhist Fury

Via Karthik Navayan

A historical Buddhist site near Gulbarga, 584 km from Bengaluru, where the first inscribed image of Ashoka was discovered, has become the latest communal flashpoint in Karnataka. For the past two weeks, Dalit organisations and a Buddhist monk have been protesting against what they claim is an attempt by Hindus to appropriate the monument by placing a Durga idol.

Four Dalits and a Buddhist monk have been arrested for removing the idol. However, the protesters claim that they had removed the idol only to take it to the deputy commissioner’s office when they were arrested.


“On 5 February, a group of Dalits led by a Buddhist monk tried to forcibly take away the Durga idol,” says R Vishal, deputy commissioner of Gulbarga city.


Banteji and four Dalit leaders have been booked under various IPC sections for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace, unlawful assembly intended to outrage religious feelings. […]

Read the full article here.

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[Tehelka] The Inconvenient Truth Of Soni Sori

Why were two tribals and the Essar group framed by the Chhattisgarh police? Why are Soni Sori and Linga Kodopi being systematically silenced? This chilling story of one family reveals more about India’s Naxal crisis than any official document can.

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[Video] Caught on camera – A Chhattisgarh police official admits to staging an arrest and setting up a case against the tribals Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi

The story of the Dantewada-based school teacher Soni Sori and her journalist nephew Lingaram Kodopi in many ways encapsulates the complex conflict that continues in Chattisgarh below the news-radar of the national media. The tribals increasingly get caught between the the security forces of the Indian State and the Maoists.

Lingaram Kodopi is a young boy from Chattisgarh, who was asked by the police to work as an informer against the the Maoists. On refusing he was locked up in a bathroom in the Dantewada police station for close to 40 days.

Read the full story here

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