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[Newswing] How long will the 6000 Jharkhandi Adivasis languish in jail?

Most of the arrests are in violation of SC decisions

“Mere membership of a banned organisation will not make a person a criminal … Supreme Court on 3rd February 2011 (CRIMINAL APPEAL NOs. 889 OF 2007)
“Mere possession of Maoist literature does not make a person a Maoist” Supreme Court , while granting bail to Dr. Binayak Sen on 15th April 2011

Context: in Jharkhand, during the past ten years, 550 young men & women were killed by the police & para-military forces as being Naxalites (Hindustan Times, Ranchi edition, 18.4. 2011.) There are now about 6000 Adivasis in jail (Ajay Sharma in Hindustan, 08.02.2012). The charge against the majority of them is that “maoist literature” was found in their possession and that they are “helpers of Maoists” […]

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