Letter sent to the NHRC on Soni Sodi Requesting to Provide her with Adequate Medical Facilities.

Addressed to the National Human Rights Commission, PUCL has sent a request to send a fact-finding team and ensure medical facilities to Soni Sori.

Here’s an excerpt:

[…] A visit to the jail by some concerned citizens has revealed that the Soni Sodi is on partial hunger strike and she is deteriorating physically and psychologically. Taking note of this some of the concerned citizens and organizations have observed one day fast at the Rajghat on 29th February 2011. (photographs of it are attached with this letter). PUCL on behalf of all concerned citizens and Women Against Sexual Violence appeals to you to send a fact finding team of the Commission to the jail and ensure all basic facilities that Soni sodi is entitled including medical assistance so that she continues to retain her sanity to fight for justice and ensure that all those who indulged in torturing her are brought to justice as per the ongoing cases in the Court. We understand that by sending such a team the Commission would honor the sentiments of hundreds of concerned women who have been campaigning for justice for soni Sodi […]

Read the full letter here.

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