Two Bits of Legal Updates on Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi

[Gathered from twitter feeds and facbook comments — uncomfirmed]

  • Soni Sori’s Court Hearing is set for March 13th. However, it keeps getting postponed. The only way to continue keeping her in jail is to keep shifting her court date, since an actual trial would acquit her. Media and public pressure is more critical than ever before. There have been reports that her health is deteriorating. After she was shifted to Raipur, her court hearing was set for January 26th. Instead on that day, her torturer was awarded the bravery medal.
  • The Special Investigation Team (SIT) Report on the Maoist-Essar Pay-off scandal is due to come out this week. Both Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi are implicated in the pay-off.

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