[Facebook Status & Comments] Soni Sori’s Court Hearing is Scheduled to be Any Day Now — Keeps Getting Postponed

Despite a storm of media coverage, protests, press statements, petitions — both nationally and internationally — this is the only piece of information and news source I could find on this important development.

Are the media sleeping? I, honestly, would like to know.

Anyway, here are a series of facebook status messages from Himanshu Kumar.

Feb 22nd (AM)
आज सोनी प्रतारणा मामले में अंतिम सुनवाई है! [Translation: Today is the last hearing on the fraud that has happened to Soni!]

Kamayani Bali Mahabal: Himanshu-ji if it does not coem cant be last, lets hope it comesup today anyhow

Feb 22nd (PM)

सोनी सोरी प्रतारणा मामले में आज सुनवाई नहीं हुई ! [Translation: Soni Sori’s issue did not have a hearing today!]

कोर्ट के पास वख्त नहीं था आज ! कल देखते हैं ! [Translation: The Court did not have time! We will see tommorrow!]

As always, feel free to correct any errors in my Hindi translation. I will post the correction. My Hindi reading skills are bare.

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