Debates around the National Counter Terrorism Centre

From The Hindu: Opinion/Editorial – Spies Shouldn’t Police Us

[…] Mr. Chidambaram may be right about the Constitution but there are three sound reasons why the mounting concerns over the NCTC must be taken seriously. First, the Intelligence Bureau is not an organisation that is, or ought to be, concerned with criminal justice. Like other intelligence services across the world, its task is to gather information that the police can use to guide and inform the course of a criminal investigation, not to make judgments on whether that intelligence has value as evidence. Blurring the distinction between intelligence-gathering and policing will open up the possibility of abuses — abuses for which Hoover’s FBI became notorious. […]

Read the full editorial here.

From The Indian Express – NCTC Row: Centre Gets Hit From Left and Right

As more non-Congress chief ministers joined the protest against the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), the UPA government said today that the fight against terror should not be politicised and asserted that the Centre has no desire to infringe on the rights of states. Upping the ante, the BJP said NCTC was anti-constitutional. […]

Read the full piece here.


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