[Blog post] Rewarding Sexual Torture: Shame on the Indian Government (cross-posted from Cellar Door)

Cross-posted from Cellar Door

Here’s an Excerpt […]

There’s a petition to be signed. One of at least two petitions. Sign as many as you can find.

In a disgusting display of obtuseness, Vishwa Ranjan, Director-General of Police (Home Guards), has said that the “The Police Medal for Gallantry is for a specific instance … it is not like the award for Meritorious Service … Ankit Garg led one of the teams in the Mahasamund [encounter].”

With this logic, bravery medal candidates should include all perpetrators of violence and all criminals at large — just in case they have done something “courageous” in life. Sanjeev Mahajan does a nice job responding to Vishwa Ranjan and shedding light on the Mahasamund encounter.

Kamyani Bali Mahabal’s blog — Kractivist is an excellent source for current information about Soni Sori (and also other news).

According to Kractivist, the latest update on Soni Sori is as follows:

Soni Sori’s petition did not come up for hearing on Jan 25th . Despite the last order on Dec 2nd stating that it should be listed among the first three items scheduled to be heard today, it got listed as item 14. the 26th was aholiday, of course, to congratulate ourselves on the Constitution. Soni also needs urgent medical treatment for the consequences of her torture. Her lawyers presented a motion in the Supreme Court last week. They expected it to come up for hearing today. But it didn’t either. No date has been set for the next hearing. while we await justice.

Finally, I wanted to say a word about the poster that has been going around, highlighting this injustice.

A woman’s experience of sexual assault should never be turned into a logo — this is doubly true when her voice is absent from the decisions on how her story will be depicted. The red person shown is a stain on this otherwise powerful and well-deserved indictment of Ankit Garg. An unfortunate misstep of design that disrespects a sexual violence survivor’s experiences.

Another poster with Ankit Garg’s face is floating around! Glad that I can share a poster without feeling gross about it.

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