[Open Letter] JTSA and ANHAD Write to the Home Minister and Delhi Police Commissioner in Connection with the Arrest of Naquee Ahmed

[…] The issue that we draw your attention to is the fact that competition between different investigative agencies has created a ‘free for all’ wherein young men, belonging to a particular community can be picked up at will—secretly it seems, even from fraternal agencies. The lust for promotions, awards and media headlines has let loose a cynical ruthlessness that is becoming difficult to contain. And in these cut-throat organizational rivalries it is the innocent Muslim youth who are being sacrificed.

The matter is simple: here was a young man willing to offer his best cooperation in an effort to help the police in their anti-terror operations, but is himself claimed by the one-upmanship among various investigative agencies. Is this how the ‘war on terror’ will be fought? By victimization, harassment of Muslims and violation of the due processes of law?

We seek your urgent intervention to put an immediate stop to this sort of terrorization of Muslim youth and their families. The process of investigation and questioning must be transparent and the due process must be strictly adhered to. All those arrested be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours and illegal detentions and interrogations in such detention must be strictly punished.[…]

Read the full letter here.

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