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[MSN News] CPI demands PM intervention in Soni Sori case

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, party National Secretary D Raja urged him to take the matter “urgently” and intervene to “put an end to the persecution of Soni Sori and her family, including her nephew Lingaram Kodopi”, who is also under arrest.

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[Karnataka State Groups Joint Statement] End Custodial Torture & Sexual Assault : Free Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi

[…] Due process has been violated in the case of Soni Sori repeatedly. When these injuries prevented Soni from being produced before a magistrate, an order converting her police custody into extended judicial custody was still signed by Additional District Judge Yogita Wasik without her presence – which is completely illegal. She was outside the court in a vehicle and never left it. She was chained to the bed while undergoing treatment for her injuries in a Raipur hospital, explicitly against Supreme Court orders. Soni was also incarcerated in police lockup for 24 hours against Supreme Court orders when taken to Kolkata for a medical re-examination6. Soni has testified in a video recorded statement that she has been threatened by the police to not reveal her custodial torture for fear that they will arrest her brother, who is the sole caretaker of her children.

Soni Sodi and her nephew Lingaram Kodopi have been framed by charges that they were collecting money on behalf of the Maoists from the company Essar. Constable Mankar from the Kirandul police station admitted to fabricating the charges in a phone conversation with Soni Sodi recorded by Tehelka. […]

Read the rest of the statement here.

Note: This is the video evidence mentioned in the statement.

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[Press Statement] People’s Union for Democratic Rights

When her [Soni Sori’s] complaint of torture including sexual violence inflicted on her was submitted before the Supreme Court, the judges chose not to intervene. And now when the medical check-up ordered by the court by a Kolkata hospital has established that stones were recovered from her private parts, the veracity of her charge stands corroborated. Instead of taking cognition of this and immediately moving her to safety of a jail outside Chhattisgarh, the apex court on 2nd December 2011 gave the state authorities 45 days to respond to the medical report and meanwhile merely shifted her to Raipur jail from Jagdalpur jail in the same state.

Thus the very same delinquent police force, its personnel and associated authorities have got permission to incarcerate her for an inordinately long period […]

The order of the Supreme Court has also risked Soni Sori’s safety further by shifting her to Raipur jail as her travel to the Dantewada court now entails a journey of 22 hours. It threatens her already frail health, puts her in prolonged police custody during transit and provides the government an easy alibi to deny her access to the court altogether. […]

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[Free Binayak Sen] Appeal: Save Soni Sori and prosecute the Chattisgarh police for her torture

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Appeal: Save Soni Sori and prosecute the Chattisgarh police for her torture
An international coalition of more than 80 individuals and more than 25 organizations in India, the United States and Canada have issued a joint statement condemning the custodial torture of Soni Sori and have called for her release and demanded the prosecution of Chhattigarh police officials responsible for her torture.

The complete statement is below. It is also available at the following link:

For more information, contact the International Alliance for the Defense of Human Rights in India (IADHRI) by sending email to


[The Hindu] Court anguished at Soni Sori’s medical report

A report submitted by a Kolkata hospital, which examined tribal teacher Soni Sori, who was allegedly tortured by the Chhattisgarh police, has said two stones were found in her private parts and rectum.

Anguished at the report, a Bench of Justices Altamas Kabir and S.S. Nijjar of the Supreme Court on Friday sought the Chhattisgarh government’s response. It also directed the State government to shift her to the Raipur jail after senior counsel Colin Gonsalves told the court that the teacher’s life was in danger in the Jagadalpur prison.

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[Press Statement] Cops Brutally suppress peaceful protest at Chhattisgarh Bhavan, New Delhi

As the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Raman Singh, arrived in town, several Delhi-based women’s groups, democratic rights groups, and progressive individuals staged a protest at the Chhattisgarh Sadan, comprising of more than 50 representatives from various organizations demanding justice for Soni Suri, Lingaram Kodopi and various tribal activists in the state.

The Chief Minister refused to meet the protestors and instead got the Delhi Police to forcibly remove them from the premises and dragged them out of the way so that Raman Singh could proceed to ‘his next meeting!’

This has once again proved the arrogance of the BJP-led Raman Singh government towards issues of social justice, and their utter disregard for the law. We fear for the lives of the activists upon whom false charges are forged and are under trials in the state of Chhattisgarh.

The activists held a press conference to highlight the custodial torture, sexual violence, and harassment of Soni Sori, the hounding of her family including her nephew Lingaram Kodopi who has been falsely charged under UAPA and other provisions of the IPC, the harassment of other tribals and activists in the region by the state government and the wider implications of such state aggression.

Specifically, we demand:-

· Prompt action against the SP and other officials involved in the custodial and sexual violence meted upon Soni’s person on the night of 8/9 October 2011, in Dantewada police station

· That the state government stop challenging Soni Sori’s demand to be moved out of the state on grounds of fear for her life in Chhattisgarh

· Publicly prove the safety and well-being of Lingaram Kodopi who is currently in jail in Dantewada and charged under UAPA, CSPSA and Sections 121, 124A and 120B of the Indian Penal Code – for criminal conspiracy, sedition and waging war against the State.

· Immediately stop the persecution of Soni Sori, Lingaram Kodopi and the rest of their family

· Put an immediate end to the offensive that has been declared on tribals and activists in the region

Read the whole statement here

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