[Dantewada Vani] Soni Sori’s cries will become history

[…] Soni Sori’s cries will become history.
But they won’t stop haunting us.
Forgive us Soni Sori,
Our democracy is not for you,
Not the constitution, not the politics, and not our piety, it is all only ours.
You are an Adivasi, and for you are the beatings and being dragged on the coarse earth,
You will lay in prison for your life and cry for your three children,
And die a quiet and unknown death one day.
“Soni Sori, my child”,
I bid you a last farewell on behalf of the Indian State.
After the complete annihilation of the Adivasis when our Prime Minister,
Stands on the Red Fort and asks for forgiveness,
Then please forgive us from heaven Soni Sori, […]

Read the rest here.


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