[Soni Sori Statement] Soni Sori’s letter to the Delhi judge

[…] For the last two years, the policemen have been harassing me. They used to harass me by summoning me to the police stations, entering our houses and breaking household items and playing (leeringly) with our clothes. If we tried to say something, we would be told threateningly, ‘Where would you go to lodge the complaint? Who will listen to you? One day, we will declare you a Naxalite and kill you. That’s why we have declared you an absconder since last year.” I would tell them that I was working as a teacher in a school. Then how could they declare me (an absconder)?

Judge Sahib, I had come to Delhi with a purpose. I tried to fulfill that purpose by remaining in hiding here and there. Had I committed any crime, I would have never come here. Because truth was with me, I wanted to present the truth before the Supreme Court. Whatever I did, I kept my lawyer informed. I gave an interview in the Tehelka Press too.

Judge Sahib, please tell me why the police declared me an absconder? And why did they fire at me? […]

Read the full statement here.

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